Teeltvoorschriften akker- en tuinbouw (BO-43-102.04-001, BO-43-011.05-001, BO-20-003.01-001, BO-20-003-030)

Project: EZproject

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Open Field Crops and Horticulture have cultivation regulations (Teeltvoorschriften) aimed at preventing the spread of certain diseases, pests and weeds. The rules in force relate to diseases and pests in crops (potato, beets, onions, nursery crops), weeds (tuber cyperus and wild oats), crop protection (cleaning of packaging) and the environment (coexistence). It is important for these cultivation rules that they remain up-to-date and enforceable. In consultation with PAV, SK&I and NVWA, the knowledge regarding updates is required annually. The focus is in particular on the NVWA's enforcement of the regulations and focuses in particular on increasing the support and action perspective. This BO study concerns knowledge about the life cycle and spread of the organisms from the cultivation requirements. (Extensive) research into the diseases, pests and weeds covered by the cultivation rules is covered by the top sector research. In view of the changes in the crop protection product package and new possibilities of control, LNV determines, in consultation with the NVWA, annually which cultivation requirements need further updating. In particular, the signals from the enforcement are used to look at desired updates.

Effective start/end date1/01/1431/12/24


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