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For three case study areas the importance of ecosystem services is examined with regard to the policy objectives for these areas. The case study areas and their policy objectives are IJsselmeer with a decision on the water level, Schiermonnikoog with keeping open the yacht harbor in a Natura 2000 site , and ‘ Rijk van Dommel and Aa’  to strengthen the green-blue character of the area . The approach from the international study The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity ( TEEB ), is further elaborated in this study and developed to a method applicable for The Netherlands: the TEEB approach. By means of this approach actual ecosystem services are described and quantified, and the effects on social welfare are compared and valued for scenarios based on existing plans and for scenarios that are making more use of ecosystem services. The study shows that the integrated approach of policy goals for certain areas and with that taking more advantage of the possible synergy with nature, may lead to higher levels of social welfare. Ecosystem Services are playing an important role in this. The study intents to enhance the awareness of the utility of ecosystem services, and the examples from the case study areas serve for inspiration. Implementation of the method in policy and practical application should be tailored to policy objectives of contemplated areas whereby further spatial explication and alignment with local stakeholders is required.

Effective start/end date1/01/1131/12/13


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