Tackling Crises in the Countryside: An Integrative Approach to Regenerative Agriculture, Circular Agri-Food Systems, and Convivial Conservation

  • Roep, Dirk (Project Leader)
  • Schneider, Mindi (Project Leader)
  • Stein, Serena (PI)

Project: PostDoc

Project Details


The countryside is in crisis. As a sphere of farming, food production and conservation, the countryside and its inhabitants face increasing precarity in the face of ongoing political, economic, social and ecological transformations, and more recent climate change-induced threats. The objective of the postdoc project is to explore how the problems of food, farming, and biodiversity loss are linked, in order to better understand the kinds of solutions that are needed to address them. The postdoc aims to connect and integrate two main paradigms that have independently been forwarded to deal with these challenges: (1) regenerative agriculture embedded in circular agri-food systems, and (2) convivial conservation. Key questions for this research include: how can sustainable forms of agriculture contribute to biodiversity conservation? How can farmers, agricultural scientists, and rural development professionals collaborate with conservationists to better incorporate biodiversity conservation into their practices? In addition to producing an integrative research frame and initial assessment of these paradigms in practice, the ultimate goal of the project is to apply such an approach to help regenerate agroecosystems, sustain rural livelihoods, secure future food production, ensure human, animal and ecosystem health, mitigate climate change, and curb biodiversity loss.
Effective start/end date1/10/201/09/23


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