Sustainable Soil Upgrading by Developing Cost-effective, Biogeochemical Remediation Approaches

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    UPSOIL aims to achieve a breakthrough in in-situ remediation through an innovative technological perspective taking into account the physical properties and the biogeochemical reactivity of the soil as well as the contaminants. To this end UPSOIL will develop robust technologies for fast, cost-effective, integrated source zone and plume treatment. These are designed to result both in timely reached restored soil functions and associated risk levels, and a maximal use of the natural soil rehabilitation potential at a longer term. UPSOIL thus supports soil function preservation and faster restoration and sustainable redevelopment of European regions and cities that carry the burden of historical soil contamination. Accompanying goals are to broaden the market of soil remediation for SMEs and to build confidence with regulators in adopting sustainable in-situ remediation as the preferable approach for soil restoration. UPSOIL will focus on soils with organic contaminants while addressing effects on metal mobilization, aiding in the remediation of the most pressing soil pollution cases in Europe. Within the UPSOIL perspective, smart coupling of technologies is one approach to optimise remediation with respect to cost, time and soil sustainability. In addition, highly innovative techniques (to be patented) will be developed. These include the automatic targeting of the injection of the remedial agent, and the use of specifically developed selective remedial agents that preferably react with the contaminant and not with the soil matrix. UPSOIL joins strong partners from different EU regions that form a balanced mix of scientific knowledge groups, applied science experience, and practical input through SMEs and contractors that also secure testing of the technologies develop in real field site situations and a further market application of the developed knowledge.
    Effective start/end date1/10/0930/09/12


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