Sustainable food systems for healthy people (KB-31-001-006)

Project: EZproject

Project Details


The goal of the programme Sustainable Food Systems for Healthy People is to create a common ground for connecting the currently separate research areas of food systems, environmental sustainability and diet-related health of populations. The ultimate goal is to secure European leadership by integrating knowledge and expertise and by creating the European knowledge hub on sustainable, healthy and consumer-friendly diets (ESFRI-roadmap 2019/20).

Methods: Research groups at WUR who have experience with developing data-infrastructures and with multidisciplinary projects make an inventory of metrics, models and data relevant to research into a sustainable and healthy food system for consumers. Subsequently building on different models and data an outline is produced for an internal data-platform that can link data form currently independent projects, as a starting point for the WUR-portal to a the national node and EU-hub for the data-platform. In parallel, the importance of a system approach for sustainable and healthy diets is disseminated and discussed with external stakeholders, research consortia and WUR-experts.

The results of the project are a demo-version of the data infrastructure for WUR. By means of separate funding these will be advanced in 2018-20 to an ESFRI-roadmap application.

Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/19