SuFEx on surfaces

Project: PhD

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In this PhD, we will work to establish SuFEx reactions on surfaces. Our aims are to do these reactions on a nanoscale, with high yields, enantiospecifically and with a pre-defined sequence. If we succeed, these constraints will enable the use of SuFEx moieties on surfaces for e.g. heterogeneous chiral catalysis and information storage. To determine the success of our surface reactions, we will use AFM-IR, XPS, SAM, DART-MS, AFM and IRRAS. The complimentary lateral resolutions and chemical outputs of these techniques will enable us to determine: yield, enantiospecificity, sequence of monomers and density on the surface. With this highly detailed information of our surfaces, we will provide a proof of concept for the use of SuFEx in highly complex surface functionalizations.
Effective start/end date1/11/21 → …


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