Study Seed Laws Toolbox (BO-43-003.02-011)

Project: LNV project

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A conducive seed regulatory framework is key for the development of a vibrant seed sector. Yet, it is still one of the key bottlenecks in developing countries and emerging economies. The SeedNL partnership sees improving the enabling environment for seed business as one of the key areas where support is needed. The current study explored and assessed the possibility, relevance and arrangements of a Seed Laws Toolbox or seed regulatory support facility. Next to seed laws and regulations in general, we propose that the toolbox focusses on the topics of: (i) variety release; (ii) seed quality assurance; (iii) seed business licensing; and (iv) seed import and export. We suggest it operates on demand basis in all countries eligible for Dutch funding instruments. Based upon their specific regulatory expertise, as described in the report, a diversity of Dutch private sector, government, regulatory, knowledge and civil society organizations may provide a range of support services, including assessments and studies, advisory services, training and education, organization of exposure visits, facilitation of regulatory reform processes, and convening and brokering. Even if developing countries and emerging economies may have a long way to go in adopting them, international standards for intellectual property, access and benefit sharing, phytosanitary measures and seed quality assurance may provide a good basis for developing national legislation and regulation. From a selection of international projects and initiatives that have been successful in facilitating seed regulatory reform and/or supporting the implementation of seed regulations we have drawn lessons for the structure and operation of the Seed Laws Toolbox. Based on experiences in other countries, we formulated 17 modules for support to seed regulatory reform and implementation as examples. We also provide suggestions for the management of the Seed Laws Toolbox, and indicate the next steps towards operationalizing a seed regulatory facility. 

Effective start/end date1/11/1831/12/19