Structural and textural properties of plant-based meat analogues in relation to sensory perception

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The two most eminent challenges in the creation of palatable plant-based meat analogues are establishing the desired level of juiciness and a pleasant flavour profile. These two product properties are closely related to the water and oil phases (serum) present in the product. Juiciness and flavour perception are linked to serum that remains in the product, as well as serum that is expelled during mastication. How much serum is released and how much remains in the product depends on the structural properties of the meat analogues. By controlling the incorporation and thus the release pattern of water and oil in meat analogues, juiciness and flavour profile can be manipulated. However, the link between structural aspects of the meat analogues, serum release and sensory perception is not yet understood. Therefore, we strive to gain insight into the relationship between structure and oil and water binding and release properties in protein matrices and how this is related to textural and sensorial properties.
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