Strengthening the implementation of durable integration of EADGENE

    Project: EU research project

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    By integrating the key European teams in genomics, bioinformatics, animal health and animal models, EADGENE has enabled:
    - the gathering of a critical mass of scientists and a unique access of complementary resources across host and pathogen models
    - the development of innovative functional genomics so that it has become a powerful tool in veterinary molecular medicine and has contributed to a better understanding of host-pathogen interactions, for the improvement of animal health and food safety,
    Building from these benefits, EADGENE_S will ensure a long-term integration of the European resources in animal disease genomics grouping together the leading institutions. It will strengthen durably the creation of a core group of European research centres of excellence highly committed to integrating their resources and national facilities. To achieve this, EADGENE_S will:
    (1) Expend, share and upgrade common research tools and platforms for joint research projects
    (2) Further develop common research methods, standards and protocols
    (3) Maintain, consolidate and further develop high quality common research projects on animal genomics and genetics in Europe
    (4) Support strategies for durable integration, particularly by providing opportunities for further funding
    (5) Consolidate the skills and expertise throughout the partnership with a programme of workshops, training courses, short-term missions, internships and studentships
    (6) Provide platforms for the development, management and dissemination of knowledge
    (7) Ensure efficient technology transfer to the industry to ensure timely commercialisation newest developments
    This integration will be fulfilled under the framework of the European Research Group EADGENE (EADGENE ERG), a co-operation instrument composed of the EADGENE members as represented by their respective participating research departments.
    Effective start/end date1/06/1131/05/13