Sociaaleconomische verschillen in veerkracht gerelateerd aan COVID-19 en de maatregelen

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On behalf of the Ministry of VWS, RIVM carries out a research program on COVID-19. The 'COMPLEX' research into health differences and COVID-19 is part of theme 17 (Health economics) within this programme. RIVM aims in the 'COMPLEX' research to unravel complex health differences in the magnitude and nature of the impact of COVID-19 (Polder et al., 2021). Previous studies show that certain socio-economic groups, in particular less educated people, be more affected by differences in a) exposure; b) vulnerability; c) consequences for health and d) social consequences of the Corona crisis than people with a higher education (Bambra et al., 2020; RIVM, 2020). so have people with a low socioeconomic status (SES) more likely to have chronic diseases than people with a high SES, which means they have a higher chance of a more serious illness due to COVID-19. Their job is also often insecure and they have fewer opportunities to work from home, which makes them less experience psychological and mental health than people with a high SES (RIVM, 2020). Because these differences are complex in nature, an integral
approach requested. In this context, knowledge from various scientific disciplines, including psychology, sociology and public health, used to co-create with stakeholders, including citizens, the consequences of the
to better understand the pandemic on health inequalities and to gain insight into how to reduce these differences.
Effective start/end date1/06/211/03/22


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