SMP 2122 Development of Pig Academy Ukraine (BO-69-002-032)

Project: EZproject

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Many farms are at the brink of giving up production. Farms face strong price fluctuations, both in inputs and outputs. Farmers ask their government for financial support to be able to survive. End of 2020 the total number of pigs in 24 regions of Ukraine has (further) dropped to 6.2 million heads, of which 3.6 million are held in industrial pig farms. Current production level of pig meat amounts to less than 0.5 MMT live weight (UKRSTAT). Family farms and backyards are barely linked to supply chain partners. The consumption of pig meat amounts to 12 kg per capita (down from 25kg in 2014), due to limited availability and affordability; still it is a traditional product. The meat industry is typically running on less than half of their capacity. The self-sufficiency degree is less than 100% and reducing, whereby imports of cheap meat are further putting pressure on local producers.


On the other hand, part of the farms has modern equipment, a high external biosecurity level and quite modern management; they are often vertically integrated with meat processors. Still the general economic situation hits them too. Also, these farms have need for well-trained employees.

Effective start/end date1/01/2131/12/21