SMP 2011 Agro-meteorological advisory services for Africa (BO-69-002-012)

Project: LNV project

Project Details


The approach in this project focuses on two actions:

Action 1 Scalability of agro-meteorological services

In the Seed Money Project (SMP) we will demonstrate the scalability of services by combining and testing existing components for new region-crop combinations. As a follow-up of the CropMon project Weather Impact sends short term weather forecast to around 150,000 Kenyan farmers. In the frame of GEO4AW WENR has developed and operationalized agronomy-centred advisory services for Bangladesh and Ethiopia driven by weather and based on crop models. By means of technical and user workshops the partners will produce a demo case for Kenyan farmers combining short term weather forecast with relevant agronomic advises for maize crops.

Action 2 Prioritizing countries for agro-meteorological services

We will scan all SSA countries according to criteria such as state of current services, information gaps, relevant policies and institutional readiness, potential local partners, level of internet and mobile phone penetration (e.g. smart phone use), internet freedom etc. Information will be gathered through our partners’ network, consulting international programs like CGIAR-CCAFS, WMO-GFCS, UKAID-WISER, Worldbank, NGOs like Global Centre for climate adaptation, GODAN, interviewing key experts, reviewing (inter)national studies and internet search.

Effective start/end date1/01/20 → 31/12/20