SMP 2003 Enabling MEXican fresh produce export to Europe (MEXport) (BO-69-002-014)

Project: EZproject

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Mexico has a large production capacity of fresh produce (tomato, peppers, citrus, avocado, bananas and mangoes). The export of produce mainly depends on the USA, as this is a geographically close market. In order to reduce its dependency on the US market in the current economic-political climate in the US, Mexico is investing in diversifying its export markets. The European market is one of the markets where Mexico could diversify, especially with tropical fruit products in which it has a competitive edge, such as mango, avocado and limes. Having access to a wider variety of (profitable) markets for such products which are often produced by poor smallholder farmers, decreases their dependency on one particular market, boosts economic development and reduces poverty in rural areas. Moreover, by taking a leading role in setting up this export chain to Europe, the Netherlands will strengthen its role as agri-food hub and consolidate its position as gateway to Europe for Latin American agro-products.

Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/20