SMP-19072 Diversification in oil palm production landscape for food and livelihoods (BO-48-003-002)

Project: EZproject


Considering the vulnerable context of food insecurity in Sierra Leone and specifically in the Pujehun district where the company is active, an important component of the project is also to support livelihood of communities in and around the identified land for oil palm development. The ambition of the company is to continue the food security support through direct and indirect pathways. Identified opportunities are:

  1. On plantation: temporary or permanent intercropping within the new planting of oil palm
  2. Within or between plantation: supporting rice cultivation in inland valley swamps
  3. Community level: supporting food crop and vegetable production on family lands

Considering the aim of green organic oil palm an optimisation of the use of natural resources, notably nutrients and carbon, but also land, in the phase of plantation and mil is targeted. We aim at circularity and integrative ecological approaches. Assessment of biomass streams and their most effective use is therefore important especially for environmental friendly production.

Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/19