Smart Indonesian Agriculture: development, logistics and evaluation for animal protein production (Smart-In-Ag) System Infrastructure Design for Smart Agriculture

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Indonesia's demand for animal protein (both fish and dairy) consumption is undergoing a boom with increasing market demand due to changing consumer habits and population growth. In order to increase the production of both fish and dairy, the leading causes of production losses need to be investigated. Farm-level data are needed to be collected and interpreted to help the investigation. The introduction of SMART farming technologies, which applies information and data technologies to perform a crucial farming system analysis, can help mitigate this problem since it can acquire the data in an organized way to identify the leading causes of production losses. It can also support farm management decisions based on credible data and solid knowledge. Therefore, this research aims to develop a generic reference architecture model of SMART farming for the Indonesian agricultural system. The purpose of this research is to deploy a big data ecosystem to host an analytic data system based on the proposed architecture model.
Effective start/end date15/07/20 → …


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