Smart Controlled Environment Agriculture Systems

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    Half of the European Union''s land is farmed. This fact alone highlights the importance of farming for the EU''s economy, employment, energy use and environment. In recent years several factors (climate change, unpredictably outside weather conditions, water shortage, energy crisis, environmental pollution) lead to an increase of agriculture production under controlled environments, (CEA) such as greenhouse and livestock buildings. In greenhouse and livestock production, growth practises, techniques, technologies and methodologies should be addressed to the achievement of stated objectives by modifying and improving the relationship of factors involved in the productive process. However the importance of certain objectives can change over time. Currently, several research groups in Europe are engaged in the areas related to the proposed action, but the information and knowledge obtained is dispersed. Moreover, considerable work was carried out in other countries outside from Europe which faced similar problems probably long time ago before the problems become evident in Europe. Many projects, currently being performed in isolation through national funding, will benefit significantly through the action, since it will eliminate overlaps, facilitate collaboration, and make more efficient use of resources, and thus amplify the value of the research for all European stakeholders. The proposed action brings together an international and interdisciplinary group of research teams from Europe, USA & Korea and relative SMEs for the purpose of forming an excellent centre of synergy in research, innovation and technology transfer in the area of agriculture production in greenhouse and livestock buildings aiming to remove the barriers that presently impede a fluent diffusion and actualization of the knowledge and know-how available in the field of new technologies applied to the CEA sector. Focus will be given on climate change, energy, environment and food safety and quality.
    Effective start/end date1/10/1131/05/15


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