Seed2Feed, potentie meloenteelt Afrika (BO-27.05-001-007)

  • Vader, Janneke (Project Leader)

Project: LNV project

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Dutch traders in fruit and vegetables (such as Staay Food group) are interested in expanding the sourcing of melons in Africa. At this time, most of the melons for the European market are produced in Europe itself and Central and South America. The demand is growing and the production of melons in Latin America face some constraints like price increases and high transport costs. The Traders want to know to what extent African countries over can contribute to the production melons for the European markets. Also seed companies like Rijk Zwaan are interested in this information for their market development in Africa. 

Through the Top Sector T&U LEI is asked to make a quick scan of the potential production capacity  for melons in Africa. In this quick scan African countries with potential for producing melons are identified and their potential is estimated based on a number of indicators, such as climate, soil type, existing infrastructure, human resources, investment and political climate.

Effective start/end date1/07/1431/12/14


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