Samen meten aan stikstof (BO-43-101-058)

Project: LNV project

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Cooperation is sought with a cluster of commercial farms (at least ten) around a central location. To that end the farms will be approached individually, to assess interest and needs with regards to nitrogen. From this research questions can be prioritized, and already available knowledgde and expertise shared. Gradually this should result in an area oriented approach, in which everybody has the opportunity to be involved in a way that suits his or her farm. At first this concerns one area, that by word of mouth can be expanded over time to other areas with different characteristics concerning housing type, surroundings and/or soil type.

In this proposal a shared involvement of agricultural entepreneurs and researchers during the full research cycle will be realised. Learning together from nitrogen measurements and techniques is central herein. At the moment tools to visualize emissions directly at farm level are still lacking. Therefore this will be the starting point, from which routines will be extended and broadened from the barn to the field. Here allignment with suppliers and developers is to be undertaken, to involve them as well. This will possibly increase insight into the effects of source measures like lower protein content of the ration (roughage and concentrate feed) and therefore lower TAN-excretion. Besides also good information on grazing hours is required.

Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/24


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