Resilience Rosetta Tool (KB-29-006-002)

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Rural regions face severe strains due to contemporary trends in disruptions and drivers of change. These drivers of change include economic globalization, climate change, biodiversity loss, ageing population, rural depopulation and urbanization, as well as more frequent adverse climatic conditions and crises in food production such as pests, diseases and in the financial sector. This incites an urgent need to understand the characteristics of and conditions for the resilience of these regions. We feel that the regional and community level is the appropriate scale for risk reduction, policies and regional management.

In 2017 we developed a prototype of an interactive tool to enhance rural resilience in an integrative and stakeholder participatory approach. We coined this tool ‘Resilience Rosetta”. This tool has been discussed at several occasions with stakeholders that develop regional plans in the context of the Environmental and Planning Act (“Omgevingswet”). Moreover we analysed a number of integrated and environmental plans (“Omgevingsplannen”) with this approach using the resilience assessment tool.

In this final year of the WUR Investment theme Resilience, we aim to develop the value proposition of Resilience Rosetta tool and assess the national and international market for which it can be applied, resulting in (inter-)national proposals for new projects.

Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/18


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