Research to support bovine TB eradication in Ireland

Project: PhD

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Bovine tuberculosis (bTB) is one of the most complicated and persistent issue in Irish cattle industry despite of comprehensive control/eradication programme. The wildlife animal badgers, which plays an important role in epidemiology, are protected animals hence vaccination on badgers has been considered to reduce the TB transmission in this multi-host system. Direct contact between cattle and badger is barely observed which indicates the environmental transmission of bTB. This project aims to fill the knowledge gap in understanding the quantitative role of badger and cattle in TB transmission considering local factors. We want to understand how local factors such as badger abundance and cattle density dictate the bTB transmission. Based on that knowledge, we can further predict whether badger vaccination combined with cattle test and removal is sufficient to eradicate bTB transmission. There are three objectives of this research: identify high-risk areas where bTB might sustain locally; understand what factors make those areas risky; and how much more effort needs to be done in terms of badger vaccination coverage in those areas.
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