Replacement of sulphur dioxide (SO2) in food keeping the SAme qualitY and shelf-life of the products

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    Up to today there are many foodstuffs (including beverages and wine) where sulphites are used as antioxidant and preservative agents. Examples for this foodstuff are dried fruits, some kinds of fruit juices, seafood and convenience food (especially containing potatoes). But these sulphites containing agents are in suspicion to cause some damage to the health and they were blamed for some allergy. Aim of the project is not to find a universal replacer for sulphites containing agents for all foodstuffs, but to develop tailor made solutions to the following foodstuffs - dried fruits - wine and beverages - convenience food (especially containing potatoes) - package and processing. For each line of products special expert groups will be established. These expert groups chose 3 to 5 products for detailed research. While these groups are working on additives the group “package and processing” will focus on solutions within the process. This could be the environment were the process takes places but also solutions within the package are possible. The process of research is closely linked with a legislation- and sensory evaluation part. This should guarantee clean products referring to the marketability and their sensory properties.
    Effective start/end date1/05/0931/08/12


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