Ren. Systems Engineering AF-EU-14003 (BO-21.04-001-017)

Project: EZproject

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RENESENG aims to develop advanced tools for the foster a new generation of highly-qualified researchers in Biorefinery and biobased chemicals Systems Engineering Sciences in Europe, essentially preparing future communities of systems engineers that are expected to bear high impact in the design of newly establishing industrial complexes in biorefinering and more generally in eco-industries. This effort brings together academic and industrial teams, with particularly interdisciplinary and high-quality expertise.

 The activities in this project, with partners with interdisciplinary expertise ranging from agronomic engineering, natural sciences, chemical engineering, process engineering and computing/modeling, socio-economics to life cycle analysis of carbon based processes, will stimulate the development of European research capacities in the new field of Biorefinery and bio-chemical Systems engineering by stimulating knowledge transfer between academic institutions and industrial stakeholders.

Effective start/end date1/01/1331/12/17


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