Re-inventing the Bio-Based Wheel (RBBW): Resource Use Efficiency in the Food App of the Future

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With the rapid development of IT technologies and infrastructures, Apps have been widely used by consumers in their food practices such as dining out, shopping for food, communicate their food practices with social networks, etc. Food-App of the Future is therefore selected as an instrument that can allow consumers being actively involved. Thinking from the consumers’ perspective, the Food-App of Future will be constructed with different food practices. The added value of the Food-App of the Future is that it can bridge the gap between the science based knowledge and industrial innovations from those food transitions and consumers’ food practices. Consumers are guided by concrete directions and clues on how to innovate their current food practices to fit those food transitions. Through the Food-App of future, the innovations developed by industries, NGO’s and scientific researchers can be validated.
Effective start/end date1/07/171/09/19