Quality matters: Including water quality in global water stress projections

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A growing global population will place further demands on water supplies, whereas the availability and quality of water resources will be affected by climate change and human impacts. These developments will increase water stress, challenging the sustainability of water resources in the coming decades. Previous assessments of water stress focussed exclusively on water quantity, whereas the usability of water depends on both sufficient water quantity and suitable water quality. Moreover, technological developments that may positively affect water quality and availability should be included in water stress assessments. In this Veni-project, I will assess present and future water stress worldwide by developing a novel, globally applicable water stress model that explicitly quantifies the water quality dimension. This model will be used to identify in which regions ‒ and to what extent ‒ technological solutions (i.e. water treatment, desalination) must be expanded in order to ensure water security throughout the 21st century. The results will be used to develop strategies for sustainable water management in various regions worldwide.
Effective start/end date1/02/1528/02/19