Project Doyiwé: Enhancing Kersting's Groundnut (Macrotyloma Geocarpum) Production and Marketability To Improve Food Security In Benin

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Kersting’s groundnut (KG) is a well-appreciated food crop in Benin. However, its cultivation is challenged by the lack of quality seeds and poor agronomic practices leading to low yield, and poor quality products, decline in production. Selecting high yielding KG cultivars with preferred traits along with dissemination of best agronomic practices and appropriate seed production and availability delivery system would contribute to enhance the productivity of the crop and ultimately to increase farmers’ income. The implementation of this project will enable the research team:

(i) Select cultivars meeting both farmers and consumers’ preferences
(ii) Supply quality seeds of selected varieties and
(iii) Design appropriate marketing strategies in order to make the product accessible to all.

The overall objective of this project is the availability of high yielding, and market-oriented Kersting’s groundnut varieties and products. Specific objectives linked include:

1. A better understanding of Beninese preferences consumers for KG;
2. Collection, evaluation of Kersting’s groundnut germplasm and selection of superior lines with desired traits and
3. The availability of market-oriented KG seeds and products in the market.
Effective start/end date1/10/1730/09/20


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