Processing induced changes in protein digestibility in fish.

Project: PhD

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Processing of aquaculture feed is generally aiming at increasing nutrient digestibility and bio-availability. However, It can also induce reactions such as the Maillard reaction and protein crosslinking, which have been observed to reduce protein digestibility and amino acid bio-availability in several animal species. In addition, reaction products have been observed to alter gut microbiota and impair animal health. These reactions have not yet been properly quantified in aquaculture feed and effects in fish are still unknown. Therefore, this project aims to quantify Maillard reaction and protein crosslinking in aquaculture feeds and study processing-induced effects on protein digestibility and amino acid bioavailability in fish. In addition the effects of reaction products on fish microbiota and fish health will be studied.
Effective start/end date1/03/22 → …


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