Pre- and post harvest rot (KB-21-001-006)

Project: EZproject

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Post-harvest diseases of apple and pear result in significant economic losses during storage. Multiple fungicide treatments before harvest are common to reduce the risk of post-harvest diseases. Post-harvest diseases of apple and pear are caused by a range of fungal pathogens. To identify the pathogens that are currently present, assessments of storage diseases of apples and pears are carried out.

Knowledge on the occurrence of the different post-harvest diseases caused after quiescent infections during long-term storage and their epidemiology is very limited. Molecular tools for the quantitative species-specific detection of several postharvest pathogens have been developed. These tools can be used to study the population dynamics of pathogens in orchards and to identify major inoculum sources of the different pathogens. This knowledge on the disease epidemiology is essential for the development of preventative measures to reduce the risk of fruit infections during the growing season. In this project the epidemiology of the most important post-harvest diseases of pome fruit will be studied. This is done by using molecular tools for analysing possible substrates present in the orchard, and the role of these substrates in the epidemiology of the pathogens.

Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/18