Performance and robustness of tilapia-shrimp polyculture in Java

Project: PhD

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Excessive shrimp monoculture farming has been left and avoided by the majority of smallholder farmers in Java due to recurrent failure. Instead, multispecies aquaculture system become a popular alternative to generate income for the farmers. Rearing compatible multispecies in the same farming cycle allow farmers to improve profitability and environment diversity, seems corresponded with the concept of sustainability. However, characteristic and performance of multispecies aquaculture system in Java have not been explored intensively regarding the interaction between reared species, challenges, opportunity, risk, and impacts. This project aims to assess productivity, profitability, robustness and environmental sustainability of multispecies aquaculture system through: 1) developing multispecies bio-economic model, 2) implementing the new bioeconomic model to assess farm overall outputs in Java, 3) assessing productivity and profitability robustness of multispecies aquaculture system, and 4) assessing trade-offs between productivity, profitability, and robustness. The project will deliver novel evidence-based of multispecies interaction and its effect on productivity and profitability. Integrated knowledge on farming practice, economics sustainability and realized risk will help improve robustness. This project is expected to provide reliable decision-making tool, comprehensive insight of potential impact, and feasible transformation of multispecies aquaculture system in Java.
Effective start/end date1/10/22 → …


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