Optimove (KB-27-001-003)

Project: EZproject

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Purpose of the OptiMove project is to promote the adoption of Controlled Traffic Farming techniques by integrating, enhancing and extending two existing systems. The Geo-spatial Arable field Optimization Service (GAOS) developed by Wageningen University and Alterra focuses on optimization of paths across agricultural fields. The work of University of Aarhus on capacity- constrained optimized on-field routing given a set of tracks focuses on farm logistics. GAOS has been extensively tested by farmers in the Netherlands, the work of University of Aarhus in Denmark. Users report good results.

 Both systems will be combined by calculating optimized routes under capacity constraints for paths generated by GAOS. In addition, both systems will be adapted in order to make them applicable in other regions then the ones they were originally developed for. The new system will consist of a three tiered software architecture: a data layer in which all data needed to run optimizations are stored, a service layer with amongst others geo-processing services for both the GAOS algorithm and the on- field routing algorithm and a presentation layer. This presentation layer consists of a user friendly Internet GIS application.


Starting point for the development of this application will be the current GAOS Internet GIS application. It will be extended in order to facilitate the collection of the information needed to optimize on-field routing as well. Visualisation capabilities will be enhanced in order to ease the process of defining an optimisation by providing additional background information. Confidence in optimisation result will be fostered by offering a download of a nicely formatted map which can be printed.

 The new system will be tested in the Netherlands, Denmark and possibly Poland.

Integrating algorithms of track generation for agricultural machinery in operational platforms

Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/17