Open-Earth-Monitor Cyberinfrastructure

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    The Open-Earth-Monitor Cyberinfrastructure will increase European capability to generate timely, accurate, disaggregated, people-centred, accessible (GSM-compatible) and user-friendly environmental information based on Earth Observation data. We will achieve this by building a cyberinfrastructure anchored in FAIR data principles, leveraging and improving our existing platforms,,,,,,, XCUBE and We do this in 3 phases:a) implementation of the computing engine and in-situ O&M data services;b) direct application of the Open-Earth-Monitor to support EU Green Deal and other strategic actions;c) dissemination and engagement of stakeholders & target users through series of open workshops, then revise the tools and adjust them to better fit their objectives and limitations. We specifically target contributing to:operational planning for planting 3 billion trees over the EU by 2030; achieving climate-neutrality by 2035 in the land sector; building back a net-zero GHG emission economy by 2050; achieving UN’s SDGs’; monitoring essential biodiversity indicators; compiling natural capital accounts for private / public sectors; enabling businesses to leverage competitive advantage through the EU Green Deal; increasing the quality of life for European Citizens. We will innovate: 1) implementation of original cloud-based solutions to seamlessly integrate in-situ (point, site) & EO data so that we can produce environmental information at analysis- and decision-ready levels;2) implementation of fully-scalable Automated Mapping / AutoML frameworks;3) user-experience-designed data provision and Apps possibly reaching millions of users across EU and globally;4) financial assessment tools allowing users to directly quantify ecosystem services (SEEA methodology), to identify optimal environmental and climate solutions, & to build business solutions.
    Effective start/end date1/06/2231/05/26


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