Ontsluiten bosreservaten voor beleid (NAPRO) (BO-43-021.01-008, BO-11-019.01-055)

Project: EZproject

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Between 1983 and 2005 the Dutch government has invested in the establishment and inventories of 60 forest reserves situated on the most important forest sites A unique network was built up of reserves of forests that have been unmanaged for several decades and where the effects of natural development has become visible. The database and software developed for the calculation of trends in growth and species composition together with the reports of the research results are of major importance to the Dutch policymakers, the forestry sector and the institutes for higher education in forest and nature. A project is conducted in which renewed agreements with the owners of the reserves are made in order to ensure the continuation of the forest reserves for the next few decades. The database and knowledge built up since 1983 are disclosed to all stakeholders, without intervention of the researchers.

The Dutch green sector will be informed about the possibilities of the forest reserves by dissemination activities like an excursion, an updated project website and a paper in a Dutch journal for the green sector. By these means representatives of the higher education will be contacted in order to introduce the forest reserves in education programmes. The excursion and the related paper will be organised and published in sprig 2018.

Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/18


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