Novel release system and Bio-based Utilities for insect repellent textiles and Garments

    Project: EU research project

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    In several applications of professional textiles and clothes mosquito repellency is an important issue. Two major problems arise: repellents currently in use are harmful, resistance to conventional repellents increases, and the lifetime of release systems is too short. Solving these two problems are the main goals of the NO BUG project. Novel biorepellents will be considered and evaluated as well as two release systems (multilayer coating and textile bioaggregates) in order to repel mosquitoes causing malaria or dengue. Novel release concepts are multilayer coatings and in situ release of the active compounds. Targeted prototypes are textiles for health workers and bed nets (mosquitoes). The project will study what are the best conditions of use of the biorepellents and how to integrate them in the textile products. Testing, exploitation and dissemination will be an active part of the work.
    AcronymNO BUG
    Effective start/end date15/10/0914/10/13