NOVASOIL – Innovative Business Models for Soil Health

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Soils underpin value chains by supporting crop productivity, biodiversity and livelihoods and play a crucial role in two main business risks: water crises and climate change. Soils are under threat as a third of soils globally is moderately or highly degraded. This degradation is set to accelerate as land use pressures increase due to increasing demands for food and fibres. Deforestation, urbanization and poor agricultural management contribute to soil erosion, loss of soil organic carbon, compaction, salinization, desertification and contamination. Soil degradation destroys ecosystems and the services they provide to societies and economies. Whilst the effects of crop failure, loss of livelihoods, water pollution and ecosystem collapse will be felt by local farmers, foresters and communities, the long-term nature of soil degradation and the global effects of its contribution to climate change and biodiversity loss mean that future generations will also be affected.

The general objective of the NOVASOIL project is to highlight the benefits for society and the environment from the investment in soil health. The main expected outcome of the project is a toolbox for the analysis of the suitability of different business cases that promote soil health.
Effective start/end date1/11/2231/10/25


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