NKWK Kustgenese II (KB-24-002-021)

Project: EZproject

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Within the National Knowlegde and Innovation Program Water and Climate (NKWK), government, knowledge institutes, universities and corporations work together to answer urgent questions around water and climate. Coastal Genesis 2.0 (KG2.0) is one of the themes within this program and concerns long-term coastal development in relation to climate change and how to adapt the national coastal nourishment policy. Wageningen Marine Research brings in additional input through the KB-programme. In KG2.0 a pilot suppletion will be carried out in 2018 in the ebb-tidel delta of the Amelander Zeegat and this will involve ecological monitoring as well. To unravel the possible effects of sand nourishments on ebb-tidal deltas, the food web evolving around Lesser Sand-eel as a key stone species need to be better understood. In this study the foodweb will be described based on a literature study.

Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/18


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