NAPRO Risicomodellering veehouderij en gezondheid (RVG) deel 1 (BO-43-012.02-021, BO-20-004-114)

Project: EZproject

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This research project assesses the relevance of a maximum level of exposure to endotoxins proposed by the Health Council of The Netherlands (how often and at which locations is this level being exceeded?), and assesses the size of public health effects. To this end endotoxin concentrations at residential level will be described on a regional scale using emission modelling. The modelling uses emission data for calibration and recent environmental measurements for validation. In addition, the available endotoxin data will be used to investigate dose-response relationships with health data collected recently in regional residents. If such relationship will be found, the contribution of endotoxin exposure to health effects will be assessed. The results of this research project will help answering the question whether the current emission standards for livestock farms, based on odour and fine dust, need to be extended with standards regarding environmental endotoxin concentrations.

Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/18


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