NAPRO Follow-up welfare quality vleeskuikens (BO-43-013.02-003, BO-20-008-025)

Project: EZproject

Project Details


In 2013-2014, a project was carried out with the aim to implement the Welfare Quality broiler monitor in practice. Results of this project still need to be communicated with the international sector. In addition, it turned out that the monitor is useful as a management support tool, but that it is necessary to support the sector to ensure practical implementation. Aim of this project is two fold:

1. communication of experiences with the monitor with the Welfare Quality Network and exchange of results by a scientific publication, in order to communicate the experiences with the adapted protocol in the international field;

2. to promote the use of the monitor by the broiler sector, to enable the sector to get used to the feasibility, the advantages and disadvantages, in order to promote the use by the sector.

Ad 1., a scientific paper will be published and results will be exchanged in the WQ network meetings

Ad 2., the project is linked to the 'transport and catching damage' research project. The broile sector wants to know the welfare and health status of a broiler flock before catching. To this aim, the monitor will be used and evaluated.

Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/18