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This project focuses on the mixed classroom. This is a transdisciplinary form of education, in which students and professionals learn together. Since the mixed classroom is a new form of education, little is known yet about it, neither in literature, nor in practice. Our current problem statement is: how can we deliver high-quality transdisciplinary mixed classrooms of professionals and students that impact learning, and how can we do so in an achievable way? We see several questions that need to be answered before we can solve this problem. Some of them are: - What are the design principles that underlie an impactful mixed classroom? - What are the preconditions for an impactful mixed classroom? - What learner characteristics do successful participants of mixed classrooms possess? - What skills, knowledge and attitudes do instructors need in order to create and deliver impactful mixed classroom? - What are the advantages and disadvantages of a mixed classroom and how can these respectively be strengthened and diminished? - In what form can a mixed classroom have impact? - How can we scale the concept of the mixed classroom?
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