Minder stress en armoede, meer ervaren gezondheid en participatie

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People living in long-term poverty often do not get the help they need to improve their situation. This is partly due to complex regulations and inaccessibility of debt relief. In addition, discussing financial problems can induce feelings of shame, leading people to avoid the available forms of support. Furthermore, there may be a stigmatized view of people living in poverty among social workers or volunteers of charity organizations, whereby shame and feelings of inferiority can be reinforced. As a result, help reaches people in long-term poverty insufficiently. This project aims to unravel the following questions: What is the impact of poverty on self-regulation, perceived health and participation? What is the role of shame and (self-)stigma in this relationship? What are appropriate interventions to address chronic stress and poverty? After carrying out a knowledge synthesis about poverty and chronic stress, interventions are chosen, adapted, implemented and evaluated in five municipalities. The target group is actively involved in the plan of action, implementation and evaluation of the research.
Effective start/end date1/11/201/11/23


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