Milieueffectrapportage op planniveau 5e AP Nitraatrichtlijn (BO-20-004-005)

Project: EZproject

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To achieve the objectives of the Nitrates Directive and the Water Framework Directive, the national Government conducts active policy to the nutrient load from agriculture land to the groundwater and surface water. For the introduction of the fifth action programme directive on nitrates (2014-2017) a concise environmental impact assessment (EIA) is carried out on plan level. The EIA focuses mainly on the soil and water compartment, and more precisely on the improvement of the nitrate concentration in groundwater and the reduction of the nutrient load of surface water which can be achieved with the new policy. There is a special focus on the Southern sand and loess area because the concentrations of nitrate in this region are high. This study also addressed other environmental effects of this policy e.g.  the quantitatively assessment of emissions to air (NH3, NOx, N2O, CH4, CO2 and fine dust), manure transport, use of raw materials and the effects of the emissions on the climate, nature and the living environment.

Effective start/end date1/01/1331/12/13