Microsystems and Smart Miniaturised Systems for Food Quality and Safety Control

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    The overall objective of FoodMicroSystems is to initiate the implementation of microsystems & smart miniaturised systems in the food sector by improving cooperation between suppliers and users of microsystems for food/beverage quality and safety. The project has five specific objectives:<br/>1.\tTo improve the coordination of national and EU programmes for the development of food applications2.\tTo facilitate cooperation of the value chain actors from research to industrialisation of smart systems in the food sector3.\tTo promote industrial take-up actions in the food sector4.\tTo develop roadmaps linking applications and technologies5.\tTo promote international cooperation<br/>The project is structured into 5 main work- packages (WPs). WP1 (Current state of play) will identify partners for international cooperation as well as examples of existing MST applications in the food sector. WP2 (Research inventory) will provide an analysis of MST research programmes and activities in regards to food applications. WP3 (Food industry demands and constraints) will study the needs of the food industry, the economic and technical constraints, the perception of the consumers as well as the ethical and regulation context. WP4 (Roadmapping) will develop detailed research and application roadmaps for three food chains. WP5 (Communication and exploitation) aims at communicating the project''s results through dissemination, presentations, information campaigns and training.<br/>The consortium includes key research players in both the food and the microsystems'' sectors. FoodMicroSystems is an ''open project'' that will associate industry and other stakeholders in its activities.
    Effective start/end date1/09/1130/11/13


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