Microarray voor nieuwe virussen (WOT-01-003-055)

Project: LNV project

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Within the project VIRUSTRACK2 molecular methods have been developed and optimized for detection and characterization of new viruses of livestock and wildlife in the Netherlands. Samples of animals suspected of notifiable diseases, in which a diagnosis was not reached and samples of wildlife suspected of viral disease, were analysed by effective use of established and newly developed molecular methods including PCR, microarray and Next Generation Sequencing. For this purpose an extensive procedure was implemented to select samples, screen them for virus sequences and characterize the concerning viruses. This included logistics, selection methods, processing methods, screening methods and evaluation procedure. Besides the development and optimization of laboratory methods for virus discovery, this project has led to the identification of a number of viruses causing serious animal diseases in the Netherlands, including Schmallenberg virus. The developed methods and protocols of this project can also be used in future for rapid identification and characterization of new viral disease agents in animals in the Netherlands. 

Effective start/end date2/01/1231/12/14


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