Microalgae based biostimulants as sustainable source of high-value components to enhance stress tolerance in plants

Project: PhD

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The use of microalgae based biostimulants has rapidly increased in the last few years due to the beneficial effects attributed to the nitrogen fixation and bioavailability of phosphorus of some microalgal strains. Unfortunately, the efficiency of the microalgal extracts relies on the source of material and method of extraction, which can be challenging due to the high diversity and complex nature of its components. Many studies have reported beneficial biostimulant effects of microalgae extracts on germination, plant development, and biomass production in several plant species under abiotic stresses. However, little is known about the specific components that cause such response in the plant. This project aims to select suitable microalgal strains with biostimulant activity, optimize the extraction of its components, and determine the effect these substances in plants under abiotic stress.
Effective start/end date1/10/22 → …


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