Metingen veetransporten in de hitte (BO-43-111-038)

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REGULATION (EC) No. COUNCIL 1/2005, of 22 December 2004, provides for long journeys of domestic solipeds, bovines, sheep, goats and pigs that the ventilation systems on means of road transport must be designed, constructed and maintained in such a way that, at any time during transport, whether the means of transport is stationary or in motion, it is sufficient to maintain the temperature in the means of transport for all animals between 5 °C and 30 °C with a tolerance of plus or minus 5 °C, depending on the outside temperature. On this basis, LNV has introduced new animal transport and heat rules in 2020 (35 degrees for national transport; 30 degrees for long international transports).

By using innovative materials and constructions and air-conditioning systems, the animal transport sector is responding to the changing circumstances in order to be able to continue to transport animals under responsible conditions, even in extremely warm weather conditions.

Following on from research in the summer of 2021 ("Measurements livestock transport and heat"-KD-2020-063), further research is being conducted into how the interior temperature of livestock trucks develops for different means of transport and different animal species/categories, how these relate to the LNV warm weather rules and animal welfare and what role the sensors installed on the trucks can play in this.

During the summer months, several (extra) temperature sensors are installed in various animal transport vehicles, to obtain a good picture of the temperature distribution in the vehicle. The research focuses on vehicles that transport poultry, pigs and/or cattle (including calves). Where relevant, it is also examined how the data obtained with the extra sensors compares with the measured values ​​obtained with the sensors that are, conform the regulations, standard built into the compartments of vehicles (does not apply to poultry transports) and the measurements are related to the conditions outside.

Effective start/end date1/01/2131/12/22


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