Meetbaar maken natuurinclusief en natuurcombinaties (NAPRO) (BO-11-021-008, BO-11-012-037)

Project: EZproject

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Knowledge is needed about success and failure factors, before the concepts can be stimulated. This requires insight into the added value of nature combinations. The examples of nature combinations are project-based and can differ greatly from each other. Making nature-inclusive economy and nature combinations measurable can help in the strategic direction of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, since no legal framework or imposed policy objectives have been formulated;

Based on literature study and internet, Dutch initiatives with related to nature inclusivity are inventoried. For this purpose, use has been made, from the Green deals, the BEE platform and a number of research reports This quick scan led to 80 potential initiatives. For the analysis, the naturinclusive economy framework Reinhard et al. 2016 has been translated into a list of criteria with each initiative is scored. Companies rarely measure their impact on nature. Front runners want to know the impact of investments on sustainability. And then the question about the impact on nature also emerges. This does not immediately require a complicated measuring instrument.

However, the effect desired by the central government is only achieved if the actual nature-inclusive activities emerge. This is accelerated when it becomes clear which activities are nature-inclusive, and this can be clearly and unambiguously determined. To know that, measuring in one form or another is necessary. And companies, citizens, NGOs and knowledge partners can do a lot for this.

Effective start/end date1/01/1531/03/17