Meeschrijven DP2014 (Wadden) (BO-11-015-028)

Project: LNV project

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Each year the Deltaprogramme Wadden produces a report containing:

  • The results of the programme so far
  • the preliminary conclusions from this and the subjects that need more research
  • the way the programme makes progress toward the DP Wadden 2015 goals.

The report continues building on the reports of the previous years. These are replenished with the results from research reports and results of interactive sessions. in the period february 1 - March 32, reports on favourable strategies in the regions are formulated ('knowledge products'), which form an important imputs to the DP 2014.

The preliminary table of contents for the DP 2014 is as follows:

•   Introduction - Starting points, process, principles
•   Description of the Waddensystem
•   By theme/area: (Sandy coast and Wadden sea, Dikes and structures, Inland areas and areas outside the   dikes, Knowledge and monitoring
- Short and long term problemanalysis
- Favourable strategies
- Time schedule for development
•   Synthesis

Effective start/end date1/01/1331/12/13


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