Meerwerk Producentenorganisatie (BO-20-019-034)

Project: LNV project

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In this project, two draft publications from 2014 about ‘Producer Organisations’ will be updated and completed. These publications are the report ‘The producer organisation as an instrument for competitive power and innovation; Broader perspectives due to the new CAP?’ and the factsheet ‘Producer organisations in agri- and horticulture; New regulations, new opportunities’. These publications describe what under which conditions may be expected from Producer Organisations (POs). POs have clearly been identified as a new horizontal instrument in the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The European Commission (EC) and the European Parliament (EP) assume that POs can contribute to: a) co-operation between primary producers, b) making agriculture more sustainable, and c) improving the position of the primary producers in the chain, especially in their share in the total chain margin. In the original project, we applied desk research, interviews and workshops.

Effective start/end date18/11/1531/12/15


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