Meervoudig gebruik stedelijk groen (KB-24-004-009)

Project: EZproject

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Multiple use of urban green space.

The design and use of urban space may contribute to sustainable solutions for urban problems such as creating a healthy city, climate adaptation, robust water infrastructure and circular economy. As urban space is subject to severe competition between several users/ functions, multiple use of urban spaces may contribute to optimum use of the urban space. Hereby it is important that changes in land use facilitate the generation of specific products (goods and services) that contribute to the solution of urban problems while the former land use could not generate the right quantities.


The project focusses on favourable combinations of the use of green urban spaces. When a green space is used by several functions, these functions can interact in different ways. Use functions may go together well or stimulate each other but it is also possible that they hinder or even exclude each other. A favourable combination consists of use functions that go together or stimulate each other. Moreover the use contributes to the solution of one or more urban problems.


An overview will be produced of both favourable and discordant combinations of use functions of green urban spaces, including the description of the concerning situation of the green space. The description concerns the conditions for the green space set by the multiple use concerned. For some existing green urban spaces, the overview will be used to explore the options for multiple use. Moreover a procedure will be developed to generate the information that is required to be able to select favourable combinations.

Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/18


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