Mediterranean Intermittent River Management

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    The implementation of the WFD in catchments with temporary rivers presents a significant challenge for watershed managers. The MIRAGE project will, for the first time, comprehensively investigate the applicability of specific management options under the characteristic flush and drought conditions of temporary streams. Through investigations in seven basins, MIRAGE will provide a framework for managing the many Mediterranean water bodies dominated by temporary waters. MIRAGE will deploy a multi-scale approach to improve understanding of temporary river responses to hydrologic, biogeochemical and sediment transport events. The principal research and project objectives of MIRAGE are to (1) provide an applicable and transferable set of reference conditions for temporary streams, specifically linking terrestrial and aquatic ecology; (2) determine effects of dry periods on accumulation and transformation of nutrients, sediments and hazardous substances on land and in river channels, at selected sites with test catchments. (3) specify and test measures to support achieving good ecological and water quality status including the integration of up- and downstream management. This will be done initially for the two mirror basins Candelaro (Italy) and Evrotas (Greece) in close cooperation with local water management organisations; (4) support the implementation of the WFD and the development of strategies for integrated water resources management for Mediterranean river basins, generalising from the Mirror Basins on the basis of modern ecohydrology concepts, in the context of characterising runoff regimes and flood responses on a regional basis. Five other Mediterranean catchments, including one in Morocco, will be used as the primary focus for this work; The transfer of experience and the establishment of common guidelines is then seen as a significant support for WFD implementation across the region.
    Effective start/end date1/01/0931/12/11


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