Mediterranean Aquaculture Integrated Development

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    Production and productivity of Mediterranean marine fish aquaculture, mainly seabass and seabream, are stagnating or growing slowly as a result of multiple and interrelated causes. To accomplish the objective of improving its competitiveness and sustainability, MedAID is structured in a first interdisciplinary WP to assess technical, environmental, market, socioeconomic and governance weaknesses, and in several specialized WPs exploring innovative solutions, followed by an integrating WP, which will provide codes of practice and innovative tool-boxes throughout the value chain to enhance the sector performance holistically. Various stakeholders will interact in the consultation, communication, dissemination and training WPs ensuring practical orientation of the project and results implementation. Biological performance (nutrition, health and genetics) will be scrutinized to identify and quantify the relevant components to improve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs: growth rates, mortality and feed efficiency), thus contributing to increase production efficiency. Economic, business, marketing, environmental, social, administrative and legal factors will be addressed to obtain integrated solutions to shift towards a market-oriented and consumer-responsible business and to face the multiple administrative, environmental and social issues constraining competitiveness and public acceptance. An interdisciplinary consortium of research and industrial partners will carry out R&D and case study activities to close the existing gaps. Mediterranean countries (EU and non-EU) with significant aquaculture production are represented. Northern European R&D institutions will participate by bringing successful technological tools and integrated approaches that Mediterranean aquaculture is missing today. MedAID will impact the sector positively by providing innovative tools, integrated marketing and business plans and by improving the sector image, sustainability and governance.
    Effective start/end date1/05/1731/10/21


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