MAximising the synergy of European research Governance and Innovation for Climate Action

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    This proposal will address area B of the call "Maximizing the synergy of climate change research and innovation in Europe”.MAGICA maximizes the synergies between infrastructure investments and initiatives of climate change research and innovation across the European Research Area (ERA) by building upon and further implementing the Mission of JPI Climate in support of the international and European climate agenda (including the European Green Deal and Adaptation Strategy).MAGICA aims to accelerate the development, provision and exchange of knowledge from research and innovation to inform and support policy-making and climate actions. It will do this via improved coordination of on-going and future climate initiatives at transnational, national, regional and municipal levels and more efficient use of resources. The four-year collaborative project maximizes the combined expertise and dissemination power of MAGICA’s 24 participating organizations from 13 countries.MAGICA will be based on circular and iterative interactions among the strategic, scientific and societal components of climate change research and innovation. A scientific arena will be created to enhance the debate and discussion within the scientific community on climate R&I priorities, that will be synthesized in a Joint Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda on climate change for ERA 2025-2034. In addition, the creation of a regular forum with European Ministries of Research and Climate and other funding bodies will foster the coordination of the different national research policies to meet the ERA-wide priorities and needs identified by the scientific community.A multi-directional dialogue with different relevant social actors (from policy-makers to the younger generation) will be enhanced through international conferences (e.g. ECCA2023 and ECCA2025, Climate Neutrality Forum), workshops, plain language communications and resources and other innovative formats to inform citizens but also to detect social needs concerning climate science and the transition to climate-neutrality. These will be incorporated into the scientific community’s priorities for research, thus closing the feedback loop.
    Effective start/end date1/06/2231/05/26


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